Art Materials

I suggest the following items are required for the beginner to undertake one of my art courses. I also recommend starting off with low cost art materials. ‘The Works’ at Atlantic Village, Bideford is an excellent shop to buy most materials at low cost. There is also an excellent ‘Art Centre’ on Florence Road Business Park in Callington who also sell art materials online ( and of course any branch of Trago Mills will have a good selection of art supplies.

Set of acrylic paints (or gouache/watercolours/pastels if you prefer)
Large tube of white and black acrylic paints
Set of paint brushes (various shapes and sizes from large for covering areas to small for detail work)
Canvas boards (for acrylics) or watercolour boards/pad (for watercolours/gouache/pastels) – whatever sizes you prefer
Set of sketching pencils
Set of coloured pencils (water soluble if possible)
Set of pens with various nib sizes (black permanent ink)
Eraser and pencil sharpener

Useful household items:
Plastic jug for water
Toilet roll or kitchen roll

Optional items:
Artist’s full height easel or desk easel
Tool box to carry equipment

The above is just a suggested list of basic materials. It is best that you don’t buy too much to begin with as you can always add to your materials as you progress and decide what styles, mediums and subjects you prefer.